Our Selection of Products

We understand how time-consuming it is to investigate into the source and manufacturer of tons of health supplements in the market, impacts of various nutrients could have on your body, and all the questions you have in your mind when you think of health supplements, or when you consider buying some, letting alone how confusing it could be to understand the pharmaceutical and nutrition terminology for most people. Therefore, we do the job for you!

All the products that we sell are sourced from the most trustworthy nutritional companies, mainly from the United States, Canada and Europe. Every product that you can get from us is backed by clinical studies and solid science - scientific research, studies, years of customer testimonials and independent scientific verification. Only the best of the best in each category will be selected and offered to you.

Most vitamins you can find in retail stores are “synthetic vitamins” which are chemically derived compounds that your body may or may not recognize as a nutrient and could possibly categorize as a toxin. Our selection of products is mostly formulated from whole food, natural sources and if and when we have synthetic nutrients (in some cases, synthetic works well and is safe), they have proven efficacy and safety reports from multiple sources of independent studies. Therefore, we ensure that our products are effective for you as they come with natural co-factors that your body recognizes as a food and can easily break down into the component nutrients.

We believe that nutritional science will continuous to make enormous leaps in knowledge of foods and nutrients and how they affect our bodies in the coming future. We endeavour to search continuously for the best quality products for you so that every dollar you spent at VitaRevolution worths it.