Our Sole Distribution

VitaRevolution has won the trust and creditability of many manufacturers around the globe because of our attitude to offer the best of the best to our clients. We are currently the sole distributor of many popular health supplement brands for the Hong Kong and Asia Market.

Quest Nutrition – Rank second in the Top Food & Beverage Companies Inc. 5000 List. We are the sole distributor at Hong Kong and Macau.

Vibrant Health – Award winning manufacturer in the U.S. Popular for its green superfood, which has undergone 12 reformulations to incorporate the latest nutritional materials and has been one of the best-selling products. We are the sole distributor in Aisa.

Xendureance - a sports nutrition company in the U.S. Its best-selling product, Extreme Endurance, was the first sports nutrition product made in the US to be certified drug-free by LGC. We are the sole distributor in Hong Kong.